Thursday, January 22, 2009

I found this birds nest yesterday while walking my dog Buffy (yes I'm a tragic fan of the TV series). It was on the ground but there were no sign of eggs or chicks
(the egg in the photo is

actually a Gianna Rose bird egg soap which I sell at my shop). I took the nest home because I thought it was so beautiful and I wondered about this labor of love - what had happened? Had the chicks grown up and flown the coupe or did something more sinister happen?

I remember being fascinated by nests as a child. I would climb along flimsy branches to get a closer look inside. This soon ended after discovering a scrawny chick discarded on the ground barely clinging to life. My Auntie Regina warned me that if I touched the nest the birds would smell my scent and toss the chick out. I'm not sure if this was entirely true but I took heed and enjoyed them from below instead.

Since opening my shop it seems that I'm haunted by birds. There is so much birdie stock around at the moment and without even trying I seem to have filled my shop with copious products with bird motifs.

Oh and by the way, the nest has found a new home in my shop in a tree branch I use to hang Megan Park's beautiful jewelery.


  1. the nest in the tree looks gorgeous! love it!

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  3. Hi Danielle, your store looks so lovely! It was great meeting you on Thursday, hope to see you again next time!